Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cookies-n-Cream Bars

Whenever Adam is having exams at school, I find it helps to diffuse his stress with treats. I'll spend hours in the kitchen just so that on Monday morning when he walks into school, he will have loads of treats to share with his friends.

Anyone who knows me knows that sweets are my most favorite thing. If I had to rank them, my first favorite is sweets while my second favorite is carbs. Needless to say it is an endless battle between my love for food and not wanting to get fat.

One of Adam's most requested treats is peppermint bark. It's super simple to make plus it's very festive for the holidays. Recently, I found a recipe for cookies-n-cream bark that I just had to try. The recipe was a hit and now Adam can have bark more than once a year. So here's the recipe:

2 packages white chocolate chips
1 package double stuffed oreos
1 sheet parchment paper
1 cookie pan

Heat your oven to 350. Place the chocolate chips in oven proof bowl in the oven and heat till melted. While the chips are melting, crush the oreos. Remove the melted chips from the oven, add the cookies, stir and place on cookie pan covered in parchment paper. Let cool then place in freezer for further cooling. Once frozen, remove pan from freezer and break bark into bite sized pieces. Enjoy!

Oreo Cookie Bark!  2 ingredients and 20 minutes baking time...

The Cancerous God

God is surely in my life. Recently, my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now normally I would not think of God and cancer going very well together. They aren't exactly like peas and carrots or cookies and milk however, the revelation that the strongest and most healthy person I have ever known has cancer caused me to dive into my faith. The knowledge that cancer has struck my family has given me that goose bump feeling of faith that I have always wanted but never really had. I pray. I read scripture. I talk to God. I have faith.

My faith has caused me to reevaluate my life. It has caused me to reexamine what I thought was important. My faith has given me hope that the cancer that affects my dad can be replaced by the cancer that is God's love for us.

May is brain cancer awareness month. I invite you to help raise awareness, raise money, or raise a prayer. We could all use a little help sometimes and fortunately God is there for us when we call.